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Did You Know?

The Caring & Giving people of WeeDeliverFree.Org

have driven over 25,000 miles since Febuary 2017.

In retrospect, they have driven around the world over 50 times. They stopped counting in 2013, and yet they didn't stop caring.

Have you been diagnosed with Cancer?


Did a doctor say you're have terminal Cancer?


Were you asked to go home and make arrangement if you haven't already?


Did they tell you there is nothing they can do?

Like St. Judes hopeless causes,

the War on Cancer seems like a hopeless cause too.

Mr. Hurst lost a patient of five years, Eric Blonde; who was the first patient diagnosed with pancreatic cancer under his care.


Mr. Blonde was provided with weapon-grade cancer medication, which diminished the tumor, and prevented regrowth.

That ray of light in that particular dark moment, proved there was an alternative to fighting cancer.


And it needed to be given to the masses.

R.S.O. HOTLINE (714) 364 - 5862


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If you have any questions in regards to the alkaline food plan, please contact us at: (714) 364 - 5862

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